Tall Ships Armada Event - Rouen – Normandy – June 2023

Are you interested in other cultures? Are you interested in old sailing ships?

The Soar Valley Twinning Association have been invited to attend this impressive and prestigious event, from the 15th - 19th June this year, featuring sailing ships from around the world from Galleons and even possibly a Viking Long Boat up to more modern 19th and 20th century ships. Membership of the Association is £ 12 per year. We are compiling a list of people who wish to visit Normandy and attend.

“Twinning” works on reciprocal hosting arrangements. For more information on this and other events and or hosting contact Sheila or Peter on emails:

 mands.hawksworth@outlook.com and  petertyers@ivixor.net

or by phone as follows: Sheila:- 01509 568 793 or  07880 606 876   Peter:- 01509 842280 or 07770 128 433

Soar Valley Twinning Association