The Old Post Office (Not open to visit)

This is the oldest house in the village and the only lived in ‘cruck’ building in Nottinghamshire. The crucks are dated 1454 via tree-ring-dating. Now there are three crucks and two bays; formerly there were four crucks and three bays.

The oak tree from which they were made had to be worked within one year of felling to be successful. The Tudor addition with jetty was added around 1500. It had an upper floor before the rest of the building. The old walls of wattle and daub would have decayed – these were blocked in by bricks. The bays also have brick walls. Around 1650 the stairs would have been added and the fireplace moved to the end of the house.

The Victorians put in suspended ground floors in parts of the house. The current stairs are about 200 years old.

There is evidence of a ladder having been used in the kitchen in the past. There was an earth or brick floor in the living room.

The crucks were marked by carpenters’ marks and then heaved upright.

The Old Post Office