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Three bus services operate from Normanton on Soar; the community Soar Valley Bus, Skylink Nottingham to Loughborough via East Midlands Airport and the 865 service from Normaton on Soar and Clifton Park & Ride.

Soar Valley Bus (Community)

Skylink Nottingham

865 Service (Nottingham Coaches)

Soar Valley Bus
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Hearing Aid Drop in Clinic

We currently run 18 Drop In Clinics in the Nottingham area, and we are hoping to extend this service to the more rural areas, where people are particularly more isolated. A Drop In Clinic is operated in Normanton on Soar at the Village Hall on Main Street. The clinic is on the second Tuesday of every month between 2pm to 3pm.
2020 dates :
May 12th, Jun 9th, Jul14th, Aug 11th, Sep 8th, Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th

At the Drop In Clinics we provide:

  • Batteries
  • Re-tubing of hearing aids
  • Support
  • Advice
  • Signposting to other services
  • Rehabilitation

Mobile Library

Mobile Library times & dates 2020
If you use the Mobile Library Service here are the dates and times the dates and times the Library will be visiting Normanton in 2020 (all Wednesdays)


22nd Jan

19th Feb

18th Mar

15th April

13th May

10th June

08th July

05th Aug

02nd Sept

30th Sept

28th Oct

25th Nov


20th Jan

For more information contact the Mobile Library Service (West Mobile Route 11)

Tel 0845 0267972
e-mail asklibraries@nottscc.gov.uk
Website: Nottingham County Council Libraries